Organization and Study Skills

The Path to Strategic Learning



SAT ACT College Prep tutors in East Bay CAAt Tutor Doctor of East Bay we believe that all students can excel in school.  Too often, however, we present students with significant amounts of educational content without ever really teaching them "how to learn". This is the foundation for why we teach study and organizational skills as a part of our tutoring program.  Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be able to establish their priorities and create a strategy to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.  They will spend less time studying and still see their grades improve.

The basis of our study skills and organization content is a curriculum called SOAR.

The topics covered include:

  • Time and task-management
  • Goal-setting
  • Paper organization
  • Homework/project planning
  • Reading skills
  • Organizing at home & school
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Communication with teachers
  • Writing strategies
  • And much more...

How we teach the content:

Although we offer Organization and Study Skills as a separate course, we find that students are more successful when we weave the SOAR curriculum into tutoring sessions.  This provides students with "hands on" experience in implementing the strategies that we teach.  Students and their parents receive the added bonus of learning both the content we are tutoring but also skills that will positively affect all their classes.

In the long run our goal is to create successful independent learners!

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Tutor Doctor has been extremely helpful in finding our daughter a tutor who is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Cheryl makes learning the language fun and exciting...
Thank-you so much for meeting with me and my daughter about her need for a math tutor. When I contacted you I was feeling quite desperate and your prompt response gave me quite a sense of relief...
There is no way Torie would have gotten an 86% on her Geometry final and a 90% on her research paper without Stacy's help. We are very grateful for you and her.

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